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For ALL New Student Enrollments-

Forms mentioned below can be found under SCHOOL FORMS in the left menu.

If a student is enrolling from out-of-state, the student must have had a TB test within the last 4 months. The Taylor County Health Department gives the TB test on Wednesdays of each week. 


In order to enroll you are required to have the following items to be copied: 

Copy of Birth Certificate

Immunization Record 

School Records from previous school or contact information for records to be requested from previous school

Social Security Card

Two forms of Proof of Residency with parent/legal guardians' name listed


Summer Enrollment Procedure: GHS counselors do not begin enrolling new students for an upcoming school year until August. If you have a student who you would like to enroll at Grafton High School for an upcoming year, you must contact the GHS Main Office at (304) 265-3046 ext. 10 or 11 and schedule an appointment with the designated counselor. Ms. Wyatt is the school counselor for all students with last names beginning in A-L and Mr. Mahon is the school counselor for all students with last names beginning in M-Z. You may not continue with the enrollment process until you have met with an administrator. All further enrollment procedures and scheduling will occur during your meeting with the counselor. Please come prepared with the required documents. 


If your child is one who was enrolled at an AP or Honors course at their previous school, you must get permission from Administration to be enrolled in the class and complete the mandatory summer assignment for the specific course. 


If your child is one who is wanting to be a member of the Band or Fall sports teams, please contact the main office or an administrator in order to get into contact with the band director or sports coach. 


Enrollment Procedure During School Year: 

In order to enroll at GHS, you must first come in with the required documents. You will then be required to meet with Mrs. Shumaker (principal), Mr. McCarthy, or Mrs. Snyder (assistant principals). After this step is complete, you will then be scheduled to meet with the designated counselor and begin the enrollment process. It assists counselors if you come with previous schedule, transcript, attendance, immunizations, and any other school record documentation you feel is necessary for transferring your student. If your student receives Special Education services, bring documentation if possible to assist in the scheduling process. We recommend that you notify the previous school about the student's transfer as well. 


Transportation for New Students: If you are will need to ride the bus to school, you must contact the transportation department at (304) 265-0518. If you are a student who drives to school, you must purchase and obtain a student parking pass from the main office in order to park on school premises. 


Lockers for New Students: Please visit the main office in order to get a locker assignment. Locker fee is $3.00 per student. 


Attendance Notes:


All students are expected to attend regularly and be on time for classes. When a student returns to school following an absence, the student must have a note signed by a parent/guardian or medical professional indicating the reason for the absence(s). All absence notes must be submitted within three (3) days of their return to school per state law. A written excuse must be provided for all absences including those students signing in and out. Even if a parent signs a student out or they go home sick, they must return with a note detailing why they were absent. 


Schedule Change Requests:


Schedule changes will only be considered for legitimate reasons that affect the educational process and will be made based on availability.


First Semester Schedule Changes:Student requested schedule changes must be made within the first five (5) days of the beginning of the first semester.Schedule changes based solely on teacher preference will not be accepted. You must have a legitimate reason for changing your schedule. All schedule changes require a schedule change request form to be submitted to your counselor (this form includes a parent signature).


Second Semester Schedule Changes: Student requested schedule changes for second semester are submitted to the counselors in December. This requires the student to complete a schedule change request form and submit it to their counselor. When schedule changes are requested, the teachers concerned will be consulted. Schedule changes will then be reviewed and approved or denied on an individual basis. 


Weighted Course (AP or Honors) Schedule Changes: 

Students in any weighted course must commit for the entire year. The only possible consideration for a schedule change will be made after students complete a process including, but not limited to teacher/student conference, teacher/student/parent conference, followed by a petition for a schedule change through a committee comprised of administrators, counselors, and teachers. You must follow this process in order to even be considered for a schedule change.  




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